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O.B.A.M.A—One Bad Ass Motherfucker, America!

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What Sort of Democratic Party Only Cares For Their Own?

I’ve noticed some radicals/slacktivists/liberals/Left-Wingers/Democrats have been off their fucking mind lately. I mean, sure, our party suffered a horrible fate 2001-2007 (where we basically had to be closet-Democrats because the U. S. of A. was at war, and our rivals, the irrelephant Republicans, seem to use war as amunition against us), but we pulled through!

I mean, we had an amazing 2008 and the three years that followed. Great leader, great movements, internet unity, and pissed off Conservatives (which must mean we’re doing something right).

But I noted something that disturbed me deeply. I “Liked” a Facebook page titled Opinionated Democrat a couple months back, run by a femnisit lesbian activist who constantly mocks the Republican candidates (as most of us do) and their illiterate, redneck, bigot fanbase. But she also made me notice how biased we are.

She constantly badgered down any anti-LGBT movements and exploited any “Sexist Right-Wing Pigs.” But she was against the DREAM Act, a Democratic sponsered law that would provide a pathway to citizenship for undocumented students.

On Twitter, Huffington Post’s Latino Voices (with writers mainly supporting the DREAM Act) I noticed in forums that some opposed same-sex marriage, but fought forth for civil unity for the undocumented youth.

And I had the saddest revelation. Most Democrats seem to only be in on it because THEY get something out of it. It’s mad.

It goes against all philosophies we so boldly claim to have. We need to stand by our party fully, unless we want to split ourselves and divide our vote, allowing the much united (though they’re united by hate, rather than need) Republican Party. Stand by our commander in chief fully, and stop the Libertarians from becoming an actual thing.

I think our split social opinions are the very reason Ron Paul was actually taken serious during the GOP’s own elections. Some Liberals were easily misguided by his “Moderate” stand point, though he was truly a robotic Republican.

Let us not be split by our needs, but united by our want to become a better society.

—Sincerely, a very concerned Radical/Liberal/Slacktivist/Left-Winger/Democrat.

My sister. She’s only sixteen, and already politically correct. Well, according to my¬†definition¬†of political philosophy. Haha.

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So…this just happened.

The Republic has constructed an America we can all look forward to be living in. Our nation, our freedom, our struggles, our home.

This election was to those who could not vote, but have done all they could to guide those few undecided voters to the polls. Because, believe it or not, you voted.

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